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maybe johnlock will be our always

maybe johnlock will be our always

The self healing Tardis and her attack eye browed protector.


I love Peter Jackson and the Hobbit films, but i’m already laughing knowing he’s going to include Bilbo in these huge heroic moments in Battle of the Five Armies despite the fact that in the book that little shit puts on his ring and gets knocked out through the entire thing after getting hit on the head 

Q: "What are you drawing Hamish?" Sherlock asked his son. "The teacher wanted us to come up with new super heroes. That's you," Hamish said pointing to a man using an extra long scarf to lasso a bank robber, "and that's dad," he continued pointing to a man who was using the yarn his quickly unraveling jumper to tie up a man who was definitely an accomplice. "John and I are your invented superheroes?" Sherlock questioned. "Yes, you're called Scarf Man and Wooly Jumper!"
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johnlock = pain

AU in which Sherlock is an Autobot, taking care of John and transforming into a London cab.